Readers’ Letter: Call for more signs

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I would like to give my support to Derek Mason in regards to Blue Badge parking in Union Street, Wisbech, (Citizen April 10).

My husband is quite a new blue badge holder and we do not visit Wisbech that often but because we could not find a designated disabled parking bay we parked outside the box next to a car that was in the Market Place (outside Savers). We were not obstructing anything and actually looked around to see if there was any signs to say that we could not park.

We went into Norwich and Peterborough and a couple of other shops before returning to our car which had a ticket attached for £30. We queried this with the community police officer who told us that this was correct but agreed with us that more signs should be put up as there was one at the start of Hill Street and one at the other end of High Street (opposite the post office).

There was no appeal number for us to call on the ticket so we called Wisbech Town Council who in turn said it has nothing to do with them and we should call Cambs County Council. We did and were referred back and forth between the two. Eventually I was told that Cambs CC would call me back. I have now enlisted the help of Cllr Michelle Tanfield to take this up for us. More signs should be put up.

Mrs Sarton