Readers’ Letter: Join the bone marrow register

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One of the most devastating illnesses you come across is leukaemia.

Thousands of people still die from this terrible illness every year. It doesn’t have to be like this if more people joined the bone marrow registers then more lives could be saved from these forms of blood cancer.

It is easy to join the Anthony Nolan register. All you have to do is fill in a medical questionnaire online at and give a small drop of saliva in a tube and send it off. You could be on the register for many years and never be called.

If you are called, people are worried taking stem cells or bone marrow is very painful but everything is done under a general anaesthetic. By joining the register you really could be saving another person’s life. The criteria for joining is you must be 16 to 30, all nationalities are welcome. If you are over 30 you can join the British Bone Marrow register which takes people up to the age of 49. David S Ball