Readers Letter: Protest march response

I set up the Wisbech Immigration Issues page on Facebook to support other such pages. We went from 100 members to over 900 after the recent dreadful events in the town. The site is a non racist site and any member that shows any such inkling is removed and banned from the site. We welcome all members and the idea of the page is the concern we have as normal everyday citizens about the huge influx and future influx of immigration. Our concerns are the cost to our country with a stretched health care, stretched schools and the increase in crime.

Our members are tax payers who want to understand why, when were in a recession, we are having to cater for the Eastern Europeans? We have no issue with those who come to work here and pay taxes, council taxes and if they bring a car insure as the DVLA request that if they are here for work they re-register the car, tax the car and insure it to our laws.

The issue of drinking is also a huge concern especially in public places also the urinating that also occurs is not only shocking but upsetting to those who witness it.

We understand that the Eastern Europeans are not to blame for coming here. After all, if I could go to a country that wants to give me free benefits and all the entitlements they are entitled to and we advertise these facts then yes I can see the reason why they would want to get here as quickly as they can.

As for taking jobs that we don’t want, that is utter rubbish. These jobs are now closed to the British and at a time when unemployment is at its highest, why are we still entertaining this?

We believe that if no benefits were made available, no help whatsoever, and that only skilled workers could apply, how many would find Britain so agreeable?

Please visit the page you won’t see racism that is any easy quip but a bunch of concerned people who want to visit the streets of Wisbech for a peaceful demo and that is all we want, the influx to stop, the benefits to stop, and lets get Wisbech back to a safe environment with hope for all of us.

Sharon Jardine