Readers letter: Upset at music apathy

I am writing of my disgust at the apathy of many people locally. I attended on Sunday February 24 a live music session at Three Holes village hall. The event, run by Upwell Jazz Club, featured the talents of Pete Neighbour, one of the top three jazz clarinettists currently worldwide. The turnout, although apparently good by club standards, was disappointing. Every clarinet teacher, player or pupil should have been at this event. The performance given by Pete was musical, technical and very entertaining along with much knowledge of music in general being imparted. In fact, a wonderful musical master class. The organiser told me he had mail shotted over 50 schools, sent out information via email to both individuals and schools alike, had advertising in local shops, libraries etc, had a good review on BBC Radio Norfolk’s The Late Alan Barnes show and had also had good coverage from some local papers. What do you have to do to get people off their backsides? It could not have been the cost - £5 for adults and under 16s free. To see Pete in London would cost at least £50 a ticket. I was led to believe there were a small number of clarinettists in the audience along with a school head of music. Many thanks for your efforts in supporting this event. If people do not support events such as these the organisers will not be able to carry on running them. Please stop being apathetic, support your local musical events.

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