Readers’ Letter: We need more building work

I have been in the building trade since I left school at 15. I am now retired.

Now why doesn’t the government, instead of propping up the EU and other countries, why not invest some of the money into a large building scheme and get all our professional and skilled people back to work. Surely, it would be better to get our people back building houses, schools, shops, colleges and roads etc. There would be bricklayers, labourers, carpenters, tilers, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters and decorators which would get a lot of trades people back to work which is want this country needs. That would put people in houses, teachers in schools and colleges so our children are the next generation of trades people. Without all this investment, where is it all going to end? The answer is nowhere because there isn’t anyone in power with any forethought or commonsense.

Eric Young