Readers’ View: Stop this ‘sport’

I have written on a number of occasions but feel I should again after the last few months of witnessing the slaughter of wild animals and birds in the name of sport.

We try to take care of wildlife on our farm, feeding pheasants etc 365 days a year at great expense to ourselves. During the winter our feeding stations have been damaged and the wheat stolen, Norfolk police have been great in doing what they can. We have replaced the feeders and doubled them up in places.

Shoots have many acres of land to shoot on but some shoot with in 10 metres of my boundary, recently most of the pheasants that were feeding in my garden were killed within seconds. The shooting organisations call it sport, I don’t think so. I find many injured birds with gun shot wounds. I believe this is unacceptable in 2013. I have also noticed that the game cover grown for shooting purposes is destroyed in some cases when the shoots have finished, leaving the remaining birds with no shelter.

In this supposedly civilised society, I think this sport should be stopped.

Julian Kirk

Walton Highway