Recycling questions are answered

MADELEINE Forster (Citizen Your View June 24) asked for some guidance about recycling plastics.

Plastic recycling is a complicated matter. There are a number of different types of plastic with a range of values and second uses.

The Fenland system is simple - if it’s plastic and it’s a bottle, it can be recycled. If it’s plastic and it’s not a bottle, it can’t.

The types of plastics used in bottles have ready markets and UK processors, who turn the bottles into a range of other goods.

If you put other plastics in your blue bin, they will be removed at the sorting plant and sent to landfill because there are not the markets for them.

So our message is: use your blue bin for all your plastic bottles, but not for other plastics. You can also use it to recycle your metal cans and tins, aerosol cans, glass bottles and jars, paper, magazines, catalogues, card, juice cartons and newspapers.

Overall, it costs half as much to collect and process recycling as it does to collect and treat normal rubbish.


Waste and Recycling Officer

Fenland District Council