Reference Flight Sergeant Cox

REFERENCE to your very interesting article (Citizen July 4) on Flight Sergeant Charles Cox MM, the expert radar mechanic and the Bruneval Raid.

Flight Sergeant Cox, was an airman in the Royal Air Force, not a soldier also he was a radar mechanic not a radar operator. That daring raid by a British Commando raiding party of 120 men was parachuted in to enable Flt Sgt Cox to steal the secret German Wurzburg radar equipment.

The raid cost the lives of 82 servicemen, and six missing. A high price to pay, but there were many benefits which arose from the raid, some quite unexpected. I wonder where our men were buried?

Mac Narborough,

(Member of the, Radar Museum and a World War two, Normandy, veteran, who served as a Radar operator on 8007 Mobile Radar unit from Normandy to Denmark).