Reopened rail link would be great for Wisbech

IT was refreshing to see such a positive response to the reopening of the Wisbech rail link.

With the projected increase in houses and schools needed in the immediate future for Wisbech the link to March, Peterborough, Cambridge and Norwich is important.

The local college has been revamped, two large hotels are being re-opened, the boathouse on the quayside and the walkway is looking great, our park is the envy of many towns - come on Wisbech Town Council do something positive to restore our rail link.

Nearly everybody knows of Dr Beeching and most people will remember you when the line opens for your forward looking positive contribution.

We have at present six supermarkets operating in Wisbech, another one soon to open and a proposed one in Lynn Road, which proves these operators have ambitions for the town.

I think its time they got their act together and distributed their goods from a rail supplied distribution centre at Wisbech adjacent to the A47 bypass whereby local haulage companies could transport containers to all local stores plus King’s Lynn, Hunstanton, Fakenham, Dereham and Downham Market.

This would create a win/win situation with the supermarkets going ‘green’ instead of the customers always doing it, improve the air we breath, improve the local economy, restore our rail link and bring back Thomas the Tank Engine to its roots.