Residents urged to fight turbine plans

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WITH regard to Pam Thompson’s criticism of Trevor Bevis’ support for nuclear energy (Citizen May 30).

I would suggest that she is suffering from tunnel vision over the development of wind farms as one alternative solution.

She is, of course, correct in proposing that photovoltaic panels become more widespread, but these would be better developed as solar farms serving whole communities, rather than sited on individual properties, geo-thermal energy and wave power are again attractive alternative solutions.

All these will take years to develop and produce sufficient energy in time to prevent the “lights going out”.

Widespread opinion increasingly considers nuclear energy as the most expedient solution and ways are being found to store nuclear waste securely long into the future.

Certainly wind power is not the solution and 101 MPs from all parties have written to the Prime Minister to demand a change in policy.

Unfortunately, we are still facing the construction of six 420 feet wind turbines at Treading Bank on Tydd St Giles Fen.

The application comes before the Fenland District Council Planning Committee on June 27 and I would ask residents of the 12 villages whose Fenland landscape will be affected to contact their district councillors again in protest.

As Trevor Bevis rightly pointed out, only the developers and landowners benefit financially from the subsidies and long-term rents, while we as electricity consumers pay inflated prices for our energy.

After all the Fenland DC strapline “100% people driven”, should mean that we, as citizens, drive and influence local policies and developments to defend locally the principles of the National Planning Policy Framework, which states that the planning system should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by protecting and enhancing valued landscapes.

In my opinion, six huge turbines will contravene this principle and several others.

And now we on Tydd St Giles Fen face a further threat as an application has been submitted to erect a 150 foot turbine at Nutwalk Farm.

I would urge residents in surrounding villages to fight to prevent this development also.


Tydd St Giles Fen