Road markings are ‘totally wrong’

SEVERAL weeks ago the dual carriageway in Wisbech was closed overnight for line painting and other works.

While I was pleased to see that the previous spelling error in the word ‘centre’ had been corrected, I now find the signage and lane markings are totally wrong.

On the approach to Freedom Bridge Roundabout, coming from Elm and Emneth areas, the road signs outside the rear of the Co-operative tell you to get in lane, left lane for Town Centre and right lane for A1101 (over Freedom Bridge) and the Port Area.

Yet at the same time, the painted road markings tell you to get in the left lane for Town and A1101 (N) to cross Freedom Bridge - the right hand lane is designated as right turn only for the Port Area.

If you follow the road markings, then when you get on the roundabout itself the lane markings do not allow those in the left hand lane to go over the bridge, but force you down Nene Quay or having to cut across traffic to filter in to the lane for the bridge.

I have been a driver in and around Wisbech for nearly 30 years and have never found anything as confusing as this. On several occasions I have been ‘cut up’ on the roundabout because of this.

If something is not done about it soon there’s going to be a very serious accident - especially now that there are also pedestrian lights on Freedom Bridge.

Drivers following the road markings may be focused on changing lanes so they can get across the bridge and not notice traffic slowing for the lights.

Come on Highway’s Department, get it right!