Same format for Remembrance at March

ON behalf of the Mayor, Town Council and citizens of March, the March Branch of The Royal British Legion will again be organising this year’s Remembrance Parade.

Armistice Day falls on a Sunday this year and instead of trying to change the timings we have decided that we should keep the same format and timings as last year.

To justify our decision and prevent any letters of complaint after the event, we requested the Fenland Citizen to print our reasoning behind our decision.

When Armistice Day doesn’t fall on a Sunday, March Town normally hold two parades, one on Armistice Day where veterans and local dignitaries gather and lay a wreath at the Town War Memorial at 11am on the 11th, then on the designated Remembrance Sunday everyone parades and we march to St Peter’s Church and hold a Remembrance Service, laying a wreath at 11am at the First World War Memorial within St Peter’s Church.

The parade then returns to the Town War Memorial and we hold a wreath laying ceremony. This will allow all the citizens to pay their respects.

We did try to arrange the parade in order we could lay the wreaths at the Town War Memorial at 11am but many of the parade participants have other Remembrance Day commitments.

Moving the parade timings forward prevented them from supporting their other commitments.

It is impractical to bring forward the Remembrance Service at St Peter’s Church in order we could finish the Remembrance Parade at 11am at the Town War Memorial.

This would interfere with other services both Remembrance and religious.

Because last year’s Remembrance Sunday Parade was such a success, we have decided to keep the same timings and format.

The parade will honour the fallen at 11am for two minutes within St Peter’s Church at the First World War Memorial as normal.

On conclusion of the service, the parade will return to the War Memorial and conduct a wreath laying ceremony and two minutes silence to allow citizens to pay their respects.

This option allows all those who normally take part to fully support our parade.

We hope the people of March understand our reasoning behind our decision and fully support our parade as loyally as normal.