Save our courts

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THROUGHOUT spring, summer and autumn, a group of March Grammar School and Neale Wade Old Boys meet every week to play the traditional English game of Fives on the courts at the Neale Wade.

Sadly, we turned up for a game recently to find all three courts had been demolished during the current expansion work.

We had heard this could be happening, but two identical courts were to be constructed elsewhere on property.

Sadly, despite many phone calls and emails, no one will reply as to if so, or where or when.

The three flattened courts were identical constructions to those on which all pupils of March Grammar School played during their schooldays.

Indeed, the shells of these old structures are still in evidence at the now Adult Further Education Centre. Pupils at Neale Wade helped fund the building of the three new courts with coin lines throughout the corridors.

It will be another sad loss of a traditional English game if at least one new court is not constructed on site and, hopefully many old boys will support the case for rebuilding them.