Save our toilets plea

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REFERRING to your correspondence (Citizen March 23), we all need toilets and it is essential that we keep the toilets in St Peter’s car park and Wisbech Park.

It is ridiculous to expect people to come from the park to St Peter’s car park, or the other way round, especially children and the elderly.

Since the toilets in Norfolk Street were knocked down, there has been a continual problem with people urinating in the alleys leading off the street.

We have a toilet in our shop, Oasis in Norfolk Street, which we are happy for people to use when we are open.

They don’t necessarily have to buy anything but it does give an additional reason for people to come into the shop.

However, this does not solve the problem of the needs of people in the rest of the town.

Referring to the Rose Fair, we will be hiring extra toilets again this year, as we have done in the last two years.

Please keep our toilets - surely this is one mark of a civilised society and without them, even less people will come to shop in Wisbech.


(Oasis Christian Books and Rose Fair Forum)