Searching for Wards of Wisbech

I AM looking to contact local members of the Ward family for a research project.

The Wards were a prominent family in Wisbech in the first half of the 19th Century.

They mainly lived in Old Market, North Brink and Elm, and variously described themselves as merchants, brewers, land and property owners and ship owners.

I’m interested in hearing from descendants of: Benjamin (c.1750-1800, Innholder) and Hannah (1754-1821) and their sons: Robert (1778-1853, landowner, alderman, m. Sarah Nicholls); George Augustus (1780-1850, corn merchant, surveyor of taxes, m. Robinson Chamberlain); Benjamin (b.1789, school teacher).

Robert had ten children, five (possibly six) of which survived into adulthood. George Augustus had 17 children, 13 of which survived into adulthood.

Henry William, Robert’s first son (b.1806), was Mayor of Wisbech in 1849.

Connected local families are Bacon (March, Upwell), Moore (Elm), Exley (Wisbech), Swann (Elm) and Schultz.

I should be grateful if anyone who knows or thinks they are connected with this family, or has information on them, could contact me at