Sewage works more to blame

REGARDING residents affected by odour being asked to monitor smells (Citizen May 9).

I was infuriated and concerned to read that label of ownership has already been thrust on Mr Stratton again for the Waterlees odour.

My experience from previously owning a terrace house on Waterlees was the smell actually came from the West Walton sewage works and sometimes Lynn Road pumping station.

Other residents agreed and also said that on certain days the smell could come from Long Sutton.

Over the years, they have spent a lot of money at the West Walton plant but my experience is that the smell maybe coming from there.

Mr Stratton has spent tens of thousands of pounds this year on preventing odours.

I think it would be only right for complainants to check for sure where the smell is coming from before directing the blame at Mr Stratton.

Mr Stratton has invited me to see for myself the amount of time, money and effort he is continuously putting into his business.

He also sponsors Emneth Hungate football team.


Kirkgate Ward