Silent majority need to get involved too

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IT is good to know that there are people in our town who care.

Yes, there are a minority who cause problems and also there are a minority who put the town down, but there are a silent majority who could get more involved.

Some of them truly don’t have much spare time to get involved which is understandable,

I admit I am in that category, I am still of working age and bills have to be paid.

There are many projects proposed and all of them need support. I am a member of the Bramley Line. I hope in the not too distant future intending to get more involved. But as a member I at least show commitment to the project. If 100 people paid £10 a year membership to the Bramley Line that would equate to £1,000 towards the project.

I meet people who ask me when the railway is going to open. They think it a good idea but nothing seems to be happening.

I say if you like an idea then support it, get involved, it will require the silent majority to get more involved.

If enough people were to become involved with the various projects in our community, it would show that the silent majority really care.

It would create a pressure group of like-minded citizens who want to make a difference, not just for that project, but also for the town.

So, do you sit and wait for someone else to do it or do you get involved? Whatever your nationality or background you are a member of this community. Do you really want to accept the put down from a national newspaper?