Something needs to be done

WITH reference to the article concerning dogs in the Citizen August 15 (March edition).

A long time ago I asked the Town Council to look at the situation in certain areas of March, including Nene Parade, concerning dog fouling the streets and parks and some running wild.

I attended the Town Council meeting when my complaint was raised. Nothing was done.

The council meeting was well reported in the Citizen and caused quite a furore among dog lovers.

Letters were written to the Citizen and some dog owners tried to blame it on cats.

The situation has obviously got much worse and something needs to be done.

Let me emphasise, I understand and realise a minority of dog owners are at fault and I don’t dislike dogs.

I have seen however, some owners ignore any mess their dogs make and I have seen dogs running loose in Nene Parade.

The street is a fairly busy thoroughfare for pedestrians, I should add.