Sorry about Fenland’s ‘turbine clutter’

MARTYN Sharpe from Derby asks the question, What possessed planners and politicians to destroy Fenland with wind turbines? (Citizen September 21). The answer equals political gratification, naivity and in some cases financial gain.

There are some people in Fenland who have fought hard against wind turbine development and what they see as dictatorial political enforcement of a flawed government policy that is destroying the countryside with dead end heavy industrial technology.

Local Public Consultation has been minimal and appallingly, people in Fenland were never asked by council for their views, as the industrial onslaught in rural Fenland began 11 years ago.

On a February morning 2000, a group of Fenland councillors gathered beneath the shadows of the Swaffham wind turbine on a mission to see if these gigantic 400ft industrial machines would look okay within the rural setting of Fenland’s flat, open landscapes.

The Chief Planning Officer was not sure about all this and described the turbine as “an awesome beast” (The Independent Feb 7,2000) Councillor’s disagreed with him and returned to Fenland with a new vision of a wind-driven green future.

It did not take long for the news to spread among wind developers, first up was a Fenland district councillor who secured Fenland’s first turbine. Over the following years FDC’s embracement and support for wind turbines is on record.

Mr Sharpe I am glad you enjoyed your narrow boat holiday on our Fens, and I agree - It is a shame what they have done to our beautiful landscape.

For this I apologise, I do hope you will return once again and enjoy Fenland waterways, wildlife and historic towns and not be put off by Fenland’s rural industrial turbine clutter.



Cambs Environmental and Wildlife Protection