Speed cameras on all roads

WITH reference to the lady in Leverington who lost her cat due to speeding drivers (Citizen July 18).

Firstly, I would like to offer my condolences to her. I too have lost cats on the road, killed by speeding drivers who won’t slow down. I think the solution is not traffic calming measures, speed bumps or anything else.

I would like to see speed cameras on every single road. People who will not obey the law should be made to do so. Those who choose to travel at excessive speeds should be hit where it hurts them most - in their pocket. Slow down or pay up.

Speed cameras are self financing so the cost of installing them can be recouped. I have never, in 30 plus years of driving, every had a speeding ticket because I consider it anti-social to speed and would not be able to live with myself if I killed someone’s pet or child.

It’s not about being holier than thou. Those who know me, know that I could not be described thus.

However, I do have a strong sense of responsibility towards others. Perhaps my parents are to thank, or my boarding school or my army upbringing.

Some of the worst offenders on the road outside my home are not young people but van drivers and older people.


Tydd St Giles