Speed limit is too high

WIMBLINGTON Road at March has claimed three lives in recent past and is the site of numerous near misses and accidents.

I used to cycle along it to get home but the traffic flows at such a high speed, instead I now take a four-mile detour to avoid it completely.

But the road from Wimblington village has a 40 mph limit. That limit ends at the Mill Hill roundabout where it becomes 60mph (for cars) and then it returns to 40mph about half a mile further on.

Why oh why, do we have a such a short stretch of road where the speed limit is so unacceptably high that it has become a regular site for fatal accidents? Surely a simple fix to the problem would be to continue the 40 mph limit across Mill Hill roundabout and into March.

The problem is, that if there is a 60 mph limit in place, drivers will expect to be able to drive at that speed and in this case it is really not safe to do so.