Standards have slipped

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HAVING read the responses in the Fenland Citizen regarding problems in Wisbech, I would agree the point was perhaps over exaggerated.

I’m an unemployed man in his early 30s, British born and bred, with British parents and grandparents who, because he can’t find work (and hasn’t been able to for nearly four years), has found himself getting on an increasing dose of anti-depressants.

I for one, blame the recession (although we were able to give Portugal, Ireland and the IMF money). I now feel unsafe in Wisbech, because I can’t help but look depressed when I go out (which can attract stares, abuse etc), not because of foreigners. And that comes from someone diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome who also is ‘different’ to many in Wisbech.

I also looked at Mr Lopes’ response (Citizen Feb 8) and I must say I would be very surprised if all dealers were British, criminals are of all nationalities as I’m sure the police would agree, and this brings up my final point.

If you become a victim of crime or abuse, don’t cry ‘foreigner’. Use the CCTV the council have to back up your claim (you’d be surprised where they have cameras) and maybe the public need to be on the lookout a bit more and defend others a bit better.

Things are bad because we’ve let standards slip as a community, we all live here, whether you’re from Europe or not and, if you want to make me feel safe, help me find a full-time job, that’ll solve some problems.