Sunday bus

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CITIZEN front page (April 11 ‘Eventful Times Ahead). It seems a good idea to have events on a Sunday in Wisbech.

The article begins with the remark of how quiet Wisbech is on a Sunday. The reason could be is that there are no buses to access the town.

I live in Emneth and we have a good service during the week but no buses on a Sunday and I am sure this is also the case for many small villages around Wisbech.

The town circular does not run on a Sunday either so many cannot access the town centre unless they use a taxi or walk.

With the introduction of the new time table on many buses it will have a knock on effect on the town with its limited access with most last buses leaving around 6pm during the week. It’s alright if you can afford to run a car. But on a Sunday if I had a car I would not be shopping in Wisbech,