Support charities directly

CHUGGERS are people who usually work for commercial companies to try to get you to sign up with generally a Direct Debit to subscribe to a specific charity.

A well dressed, well spoken trio of persons were working the Horsefair on Thursday August 23, in aid of a major international charity. What they might have forgotten to tell people is the Chuggers (Short for Charity

Muggers) are paid for each sign up and the commercial firm running them also takes its slice - often this means that the charity in the first year may only get between 5 and 10% of what money you agree to pay annually.

The solution, if you wish to support a charity, do so directly to the charity, not through those schemes that just give a commercial operator a rake off. The same applies to door to door charity clothes collections, the commercial firms doing this who aresupporting a charity can be sending as little as 3-4% of the value obtained to the charity. Therefore passing goods through a local charity shop ensures that your contribution gives them the maximum benefit.

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