Surprised at comments

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AFTER the recent blaze at a listed cottage in Nene Parade, March, I had expected Robert Harvey to air his views in your letters page.

However, I found his comments regarding this incident astounding.

I thought that perhaps he might write to commiserate with the owners of the property or to congratulate the fire service on their swift arrival or to praise their efforts in getting the blaze under control and preventing its spread to neighbouring properties.

But he wrote to complain about the inconvenience of the closure of Nene Parade, thereby restricting vehicle access to his house for some hours.

I am sure that he would have been even quicker to grumble if the road had been left open and an unstable lump of building had fallen on to him.

I would suggest that the residents of the gutted property have been upset enough by the loss of their home, possessions and memories without having to read such comments.