Thanks Samantha

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I would like to thank Conservative councillor Samantha Hoy (Wisbech North) for her help in getting the dreadful pot holes in Sefton Avenue filled in and also the resurfacing of Sefton Avenue. Samantha does work hard in our area to help alleviate problems for people.

As a Christian it is my duty and my obligation to help my neighbours when I can. All residents voiced concerns about young children riding their bikes to school as the road was very badly uneven, dangerous and in a poor state of repair. But all this has now been rectified by the highways department, who have worked very hard to put things right. A big thank you to the highways department who always do their best to keep up with the ever increasing road repairs in this area. It is a thankless thought but it is very appreciated by all residents of Sefton Avenue.

SDS Kinner.