The right to be consulted

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THERE have been quite a few letters on whether or not the issuance of a National Defence Medal ought to be implemented and for what reason.

Given that the campaign for a NDM is linked to the need for a true covenant and the provision of proper services for those that are suffering from long term traumas as a result of military service, all other arguments pro and con should pale into insignificance.

It has been announced that a new charity Talking2Minds is now tackling the problem of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with some success.

The key point is it is a charity. If the campaign committee for the NDM have got a workable solution as to how proper funding and a true covenant can be arrived at, without a huge cost blow out for the government, then surely they deserve to be heard and consulted?

Seeing the recent Australian VC holders wearing their equivalent of a NDM alongside their deployment and bravery awards, totally refutes any argument that a Defence Medal given for Service in the Armed Forces demeans or devalues the other medals worn.

It actually enhances them and to my certain knowledge, the Australian Defence Medal in both its current and retrospective forms has been an outstanding success. The same situation seems to be occurring in New Zealand.

The government and the diehards at the MoD need to meet with those who want to see our people properly looked after and do all in their power to see that this is done.