There should be a contingency plan

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ONE of the big stories is the major fire in Nene Parade, March, which destroyed a listed building on Tuesday March 15.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that some of the residents couldn’t get into Nene Parade from the Town Bridge and there was no vehicular egress or access from 3pm Tuesday until Wednesday morning.

I believe there should be an emergency contingency plan for such a situation.

Possibly removing the bollards on a temporary basis and allowing residents access and egress from Wigstones Road.

This, of course, would only be in an emergency or when Nene Parade is closed for other reasons, for example St George’s Day celebrations.

I will be writing and talking to those in authority on this subject.


Nene Parade


Editor’s note: See page 16 for Nene Parade cottage fire latest.