Think again plea over development

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AFTER reading the letter from Mike Rutter (Citizen October 3) regarding proposed developments in March.

Mr Rutter can be assured that many residents in the south of March have been aware of Fenland District’s Core Strategy document for over a year now.

An ‘open evening’ was arranged in September last year at the One Stop Shop in March to view the proposals and this was advertised online.

However, not many days before, the time was changed to the afternoon, so found the shop closed that evening.

Due to this, a fellow resident of Kingswood Road and myself arranged a meeting with Gareth Martin of the Planning Department at Fenland Hall over concerns at the closure of Kingswood Park Residential Home and the development of land behind the site.

A detailed email was then sent to Mr Martin on September 22 last year listing numerous points of concern and, as yet, we are still seeking answers and hope these points are still being considered.

I had also in August 2011 emailed our MP Steve Barclay following his campaign to keep Kingswood Park Home from closing, asking if he knew of the future of the site, but over a year later, am still waiting for a reply.

Extending the boundaries of March and proposals to build on playing fields and prime farmland is very short sighted and, as Mr Rutter says, will ruin the quality of life in Fenland.

As the Core Strategy document states, the infra-structure must be in place together with employment in the area to support such a development.

Of the proposed development between Burrowmoor Road and Knights End Road, following the demolition of Kingswood Park Home, it’s not rocket science to see where the cheapest access will be considered - namely Kingswood Road which is a narrow road.

The town of March, in the 40 plus years that I have lived here, has lost the variety of its shops and is now full of charity shops and food outlets.

The schools and doctors surgeries are bursting at the seams and the main roads in and around March are at gridlock many times in the day.

The closure of part of Elwyn Road or an accident on the bypass has proved that recently.

How can the town sustain building thousands more homes when there is nothing to support them?

Fenland District Council think again.