Town should have a bank like TV Dave

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HAVE you been following the series on Channel 4 featuring Bank of Dave?

This is the story of Dave Fishwick, a self-made millionaire businessman from Burnley, who decided to set up a local independent bank. This involved him battling through a sea of red tape to get the necessary certification, with numerous experts telling him it couldn’t be done.

But Dave had the perseverance to keep going, and did set up his bank because he was determined to offer the sort of banking that he believed small businesses and individuals need and want. Lucky Burnley!

It would be fantastic if Wisbech had a bank like Dave’s. Not only would it bring the town history full circle, in so far as this was something that was provided many years ago by the Peckovers, but it would make such a difference to go into the local bank, know the manager personally and have that manager genuinely care about the local economy.

When Dave got applications for loans from local businesses, he went to see them personally, saw what they needed the money for and what they were trying to achieve, rather than just pushing the application through a computer.

And by keeping banking simple and overheads low, he was able to offer decent interest rates to savers.

Maybe this is something that the Wisbech Town Team could look into. How much more proof do we need that the big High Street banks have let the country down and continue to do so? If every town had its own local bank like Dave’s, we could all vote with our feet, and then there’d be no baling them out.

Oh, and did Dave make a huge loss and pay himself an obscene bonus? No, he didn’t. He made a modest profit and gave it to local charities.