Trees uprooted and vandalism near park

I READ the article in the Citizen December 28 (tree damage at Wisbech’s Waterlees Park) and must admit that as someone who faces directly onto the park I was surprised to read about the vandalism of the trees that was first spotted on the Monday morning.

Are the council or the play leaders blind or are they trying to pretend that the park does not suffer from the continuous vandalism that all of the residents can tell you it does?

The trees were planted in four areas around the park last summer along with various plants in the inside of the play area.

Within a day, the plants were uprooted and thrown over the fencing and the trees were uprooted. Some of the residents went out and replanted them. One by one the saplings have died not over a weekend as the council would have you believe, but over the entire summer.

We are actually left with a few holly bushes and a couple of trees instead of the 30 trees they put in at the beginning at a cost of £4,000.

This has been an ongoing problem along with the problems the residents have had to endure.

In the past month, one of the trees was uprooted and placed down a drain directly in front of an elderly resident’s drive effectively stopping them from driving out of their driveway.

Recently a house had its windows egged, sauce has been poured over the cars, aerials have been stolen from cars, youths have been banging on the doors and windows late at night.

Laser pens are being shone through the windows at all hours. This may seem petty but this has been going since the park was first being built and a lot of the residents are elderly and disabled.

They feel intimidated and some are afraid to come out to complain because they are faced with abuse.

Where are the parents of these vandals? It’s a case of ‘out of sight out of mind.’ What do the police do? What do the council do? Pretend that there isn’t a problem and that the park is a success.

Not from where I sit. And now they are going to have security lights and CCTV on the park. So now the whole area is going to be lit up so the youths who are on there at night will be able to stay over all night without it being too dark for them.

Will the police attitude still be that it’s too dark then or too wet, or too cold?


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