Tribute to boxing club

I WOULD like to pay tribute to the Chatteris Boxing Club and the trainer Paul Gill for putting the town back into the boxing headlines - as it was in the time of the great late Eric Boon and then Dave ‘Boy’ Green.

I am sure 99 per cent of the boxing fans will agree with me when I say: “Well done Jordan, you have taken the first step up the ladder to success, winning your first fight in the pro ranks.”

The success of Jordan and the Chatteris club, is due to the many years of dedication by Paul Gill.

It would be nice to see the leader of Fenland Council, Alan Melton and MP Steve Barclay paying the Chatteris Boxing Club a visit.

Paul should be thanked by those in the halls of power for taking so many youngsters off the street and teaching them how to become good citizens, having respect for their peers and the need for a good education.

All this before they are taught the Queensbury Rules of boxing.

Paul Gill’s voluntary work with the youngsters is equivalent to that of a team of social workers.