Try to get to know each other

AFTER all the hype about Wisbech, the Baltic Mafia etc we were very glad to read the sensible letter from Richard Humphries (Citizen February 8) about reasons why we should be glad to live in Wisbech.

We also applaud MP Stephen Barclay’s attempts to revitalise the town centre, although we do think that it’s probably too little too late and that out-of-town developments should have been curtailed years ago.

As traders in Norfolk Street we are sick of hearing about the dangers of walking to shops there. We ourselves and most people we know are not terrified to go out - those who are have been influenced by the bad press and the anti-social behaviour which occurs from locals as well as migrants.

All the shops in Norfolk Street, including ourselves, benefit from trade to Eastern Europeans and if it wasn’t for the traders from many different nationalities the street would be full of empty shops.

We have made good friends with people from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, some of who we meet socially as well, and through conversations with them we have a better understanding of their countries and cultures and why many have come to England.

As Mr Humphries said, the majority of Eastern Europeans work hard and pay taxes, and we hope that all people who live in Wisbech can stop being afraid of those who are different and try to get to know each other better.


Oasis Christian Books, Norfolk Street, Wisbech