Turbine blot on the landscape for visitor

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ON our way back from a thoroughly enjoyable narrow boat journey to the Fens. Beautiful wide open spaces, lots of wonderful wildlife and a host of great towns and villages to visit. Only one major blot on the landscape.

That, of course, being the host of huge wind turbines now scarring the horizon in just about every direction whichever way you look.

What possessed the planners and the politicians to destroy the Fens like this? They’ve tried to tell us they’re saving the planet. First it was global warming. Then it was climate change. They keep moving the goalposts.

If the technology really did work, if the turbines produced masses of electricity, then okay. Destroying the landscape for future generations might even be justified.

But turbines only generate power when the wind blows one day in three according to most estimates. They attract vast subsidies from the taxpayer and inflate our power bills for barely any return at all.

Ever curious, we moored for the night in the shadow of the 18 turbines downstream of March. Someone once told me that turbines were silent.

Well, the 18 at March weren’t silent that night. The constant whoosh and the flicker of the turbines in the sunshine was impossible to bear.

We stayed an hour. Any longer and I’d have been jumping in the river!

Thank you again for all the happy memories of a great holiday. Just a shame what they’ve done to your beautiful landscape.