Turbines: Residents should carry on fighting

ALL of us who are opposed to further development of wind farms in Fenland obviously welcome the protest by 101 Members of Parliament, mainly Conservative, but joined by Lib Dem and Labour MPs.

In letters to the Prime Minister, the MPs are protesting that government policy has skewed the energy market too far in favour of onshore wind farms and that, in these financially difficult times, it is unwise to make consumers pay, through taxpayer subsidy, for inefficient and intermittent energy production that typifies onshore wind turbines.

Furthermore these subsidies should be drastically reduced and any savings made re-allocated to other types of more reliable, renewable energy production and energy efficiency measures.

The MPs also expressed concerns that the proposed National Planning Policy Framework diminishes the chances of local people defeating onshore wind farm proposals through the planning system. Does this not contradict the principles of The Big Society?

Coincidentally, Chris Huhne, the Energy Minister, had to resign recently. He was a “lifelong supporter” of wind farms. Unfortunately, his successor, Ed Davey, has initially expressed the same “lifelong support” for these monstrosities!

It becomes increasingly vital therefore, that we, as residents of the dozen or so villages affected by the development proposed wind farm on Tydd St Giles Fen, continue the fight against the desecration of our landscape, the noise pollution threatening our homes and our hitherto quality way of living.


Tydd St Giles Fen