Urine Gate: Backing Bernard

I REGRET that I cannot address M Mathews properly as I do not know the gender of the writer.

However, in response to the letter (Citizen November 30), I am obliged to respond.

Firstly I declare an interest, I am male and have, like 99 percent of the male population, committed the same offence as Bernard Keane is accused of (urinating behind a hedge) when in a situation where no toilet facilities have been available.

During my service in the Royal Navy, I had the privilege to serve with three members of the Royal family and could describe the occasion when to my certain knowledge one of these gentlemen was in the same predicament and used a hedge.

I will not divulge his name. Please keep this matter in proportion, the act was not in a place that caused any health or social problems and was done discreetly.

If everyone who has been placed in a similar position as Mr Keane was expected to resign we would have no male members of Parliament, no male editors of newspapers, male clergy etc.