Waiting for an ambulance

ON Friday March 23 while my wife was walking in Darthill Road, March, she came across an elderly man who had collapsed while getting into his car.

On phoning the ambulance service she was told not to move him then she was told it was not classed as an emergency although the man was 76 years-old and a diabetic.

After waiting for a further half an hour, she rang again and was told the same as before. She then rang the police to see if they could help and they rang the ambulance service and after 50 minutes the ambulance finally arrived.

Just as well it was decent weather as the man could have been laying in pouring rain.



• Editor’s note: We contacted the ambulance service for a response and a spokesperson said: “

“This incident was not an emergency, which was made clear to the caller at the time, as the patient was fully alert, had not suffered any injuries, was breathing normally and was not experiencing a diabetic episode.

“EEAST crews arrived on scene within the nationally guided target time and left 25 minutes later without needing to take the patient to hospital.”