We are living in confused state

LOOKING in retrospect at the way Britain was governed decades ago I am saddened by the decline in foresight and administration at the government level.

Like the rest of the world Britain is in an alarming state of confusion.

The country is confused over its status as a United Kingdom; over its ethnic origins. Confused over gender and moral absolutes. Confused over law, and confused over immigration. Confused over its relationship with Europe, and confused over long established religious ideology. It is confused in governance.

Years ago statesmen and ministers that made errors did the honourable thing and resigned. Not now. At one time Britain’s leaders could be believed. Nowadays they pluck ideas from the air and without delving thoroughly into the pros and cons commit numerous U-turns.

Sadly modern Britain has little idea of its true origins, of its natural blessings, of its venerable monarchy which put Great into Britain, and which underscored its role in the world. What a Britain for our queen to rule. I wonder what she really thinks?

Some how we just manage to survive in a tightening grip of Federal Europe’s ambitious purpose, a Teutonic technocracy with desires of reducing Britain and other sovereign nations to anonymous untitled regions, if we think, subservient to the past failed expansive intentions of Messrs Bismark, Kaiser Bill and Hitler. Now we see Europe fermenting in a boiling stew stirred by amateur rulers of Berlin and Brussels. Can our leaders see that?

It is clear to me that Jose Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy in their federal ambitions are likely to find their jobs merged into a super presidency. They are peaceful men but the stars foretell the future state of Europe will forget a seismic shift in the world.

The danger lies somewhere in the background where awaits an individual of damaging intellect biding his time to insert himself between them and steer Europe in a far worse direction than now. This person will cause a catastrophic reaction worldwide.

Our leaders, if such a word defines the meaning, will be neutered and Britain, in the past so much a prime example of democracy in the world, will pay the price for confused reasoning by its politicians who, as yet, have no idea if they are standing on their heads or their heels.