We don’t need more turbines

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We do not need more wind farms in the Fens. The aesthetic outlook of our unique landscape is being ruined in the name of rampaging profit.

The “Green” business has got out of hand. It is a political monolith, the most prolific one ever devised. A government sponsored grab at the great unproved to covertly enhance taxes and its bordering on the ridiculous. Not surprising really considering a billionaire businessman with materialistic links is steeped financially in the wind turbine business.

A few years ago I visited Denmark, initiator of wind farms and gleaned an alarming review of that nation’s obsession with them. It saddened me to see unforgiving vistas of turbine groups in every direction. The Danish turbines produce a trickle of energy when they are able to, about eight percent output. And now the Danes are fed up with them.

Tellingly that near-flat country must still rely on fossil and nuclear powered energy - and we will too - and has sufficient left over to sell to other countries.

Wind farms are prohibitively and increasingly expensive.

The government is more interested in taxation through “green” scare-mongering. Outlandish profits are being made manufacturing turbines, testing site suitability, wind strength, generous pay-outs to site owners, consumer’s fees much of which goes abroad and, of course tax for the exchequer. All this is being extracted from you and me and all we consumers receive in output levels are peanuts.

Turbines produce minimal amounts of energy when the wind blows and are shut down when gales threaten. I wonder if production levels were ever thought out properly and calculations made as to how many turbines would be needed in the first place. Wind farms are being increasingly offset by reduction of carbon levels, road vehicles and industrial production for instance.

Britain has enough coal for 200 years and there is nothing wrong with using shale gas and clean coal. Nothing is positive about wind farms except over-consuming greed. A diversity of profit outlets and minimal energy return for consumers.

Politicians are at the heart of the wind farm argument and I have reached the stage where I know longer trust them. They isolate themselves from the electorate, seldom have our interest at heart and are no longer our servants as they make out at elections.

Like the wind they huff and puff to impress and get absolutely nowhere. They play around with the economy and are more concerned, I’m afraid, with verbal thrust and parry politics. .