‘We love living here’ say family

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MY name is Sergitas. I come from Lithuania, and I have lived here with my wife and four children for nearly four years.

I work night shifts in a factory five nights a week, I pay my taxes and I obey the law. I speak very good English although I needed some help with this letter.

I read recently in the newspapers about Eastern Europeans frightening local people. The reason why many Eastern Europeans go around Wisbech in large groups is mainly for protection as we get racist abuse.

My family and myself have been called unpleasant names, told to go back to our countries and have even been threatened with violence.

I lived in London then moved to Southampton and for three years have been living in Wisbech, where I have moved house five times because of abuse.

I came to Britain for a better life. I moved to Wisbech on the advice of friends and it reminds me a little of home. Despite the abuse, I intend to stay as my children love living here and the majority of local people have been kind to us and made us welcome. I still have a great love for my mother country and still return to visit family and friends but Britain represents my future.

My children love the Queen and the Royal family and my eldest two are helping plan the celebrations at their school.

Many of my country men will celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as it represents our new life. I will have a party for my children and friends, but we will celebrate Lithuanian style and will fly the Lithuanian and British flag side by side.

I asked many of my British work mates what they are doing for the jubilee, but they say it’s just another holiday.

Many migrants like me just want to get on with life and not cause trouble. I believe a solution to the problem could be to invite members of the migrant communities to attend council meetings and to put their views across.

I believe the Diamond Jubilee should be a great opportunity to bring all different communities together.