We must not lose this chance

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ISN’T it interesting how a journalist can turn a positive story into a moan?

The Citizen front page story (September 14) about the Wisbech Town Council’s plan to secure the future of the Bramley Line is a perfect example.

The only reason the track bed has stayed in place for all these years is because there is a contract in place which forbids the removal of the tracks.

That contract is soon to expire and when it does the same journalist will be one of the first to vilify the council for not doing something to secure the line’s future, as will the councillors who are now speaking against spending the money.

So many people now bemoan the loss of the Wisbech Canal, the Upwell Tram and the Octagon Church, but none of us fought to keep them. We simply did not have either the vision or the inclination to save them. We now have the chance of saving this valuable local amenity. Don’t let us give in to the nay sayers.

If there is a villain in the piece it is the greedy lawyers who are swallowing the bulk of the £60,000 estimated cost of the operation in their inflated fees. Network Rail has offered the line for the very reasonable sum of £10,000. The lawyers’ fees are five time that!

If this deal is done then there is a chance that the line can be preserved. If it isn’t then the line is finished and the track will be lifted before the end of next year. The dream will be dead. This way there will still be hope.

Wisbech is a fine town with a lot of potential but it needs us all, especially opinion formers like the newspapers, to lead the way.

The glass is half full.