We need to get our town back

WELL Mr Barclay, where to begin.

Firstly, I am amazed that it takes a report in a national newspaper on the death of an Eastern European girl living in Wisbech to bring to the nation’s attention what is going on in our Fenland market historical town.

Now as you should know you are our elected Member of Parliament and people would think that you could have some answers to the claims made in the national press, so we await to here from you on what you consider might resolve this town’s problems.

So it was with some interest to read in the Fenland Citizen (February 8) your vision for Wisbech.

Your vision focuses on the building up of the waterfront area to try and encourage people to spend money and hopefully have a good time. Does this vision include the people from Wisbech because as it stands now, with the ‘Baltic Mafia’ in charge and the general apathy felt by the locals around town, I think that you are wasting your time.

Any way who would be brave enough to go into town at night?

Another part your vision involves encouraging companies to open up a science park here in Wisbech. How will that help the local people as 50 percent of them would not know what science is and this would only go further to encourage more people coming into Wisbech to work from outside.

Would it not be better to build factories that can actually provide jobs for local people. It must be cheaper to build factories than to build a fleet of boat houses only to employ a select few of which I suggest a majority would travel to Wisbech to work and not actually live in Wisbech.

Factories employing hundreds must be better than building boat houses employing a few.

This is what a majority of local Wisbech people would consider your vision should be addressing.

Since we were invaded by our friends from the EU the British people have had it rammed down our throats how useless we are and how good the Eastern Europeans are at working. I think it’s more a case of how cheap you can get these people to work for. It may be argued that they are good workers but that does not mean that they are good people.

How is it that anyone in a position of authority in Fenland takes a completely different view of what is happening on the streets of Wisbech to that of the locals? Might it be that there is a possibility of people being able to make money out of this situation ie gang masters, shop letting, house letting, room letting, the sale of alcohol and drugs and the sale of old cars.

Why has the problem here in Wisbech become such a mess and why has this problem not repeated itself in March? Is it bceause March has the following: Fenland Hall, a proper police station with a visible police presence on the streets and a railway station.

Now can we refer back to your vision of Wisbech. A wax works in the castle, an ability to take coffee in a waterfront café and last but not least a visit to the Norfolk Street ghetto.

So Mr Barclay you may consider what I have written as being negative or even just plain stupid but after living in Wisbech for 35 years I have not heard of, or seen anybody, showing any interest in the local people so accept my apology if I consider your vision to be just a screen to blow smoke on people that are concerned about the ‘Baltic Mafia’ story

My vision is for the people to Wisbech to get their town back.