We need to maintain our rural identity

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I WOULD like to thank the Fenland Citizen for covering the protests and petition objecting to Fenland District Council’s Core Strategy document.

The coverage reflects both the strength and also the depth of feeling of the residents of March, particularly in the North East area.

This, of course, is due to the council’s proposals to build houses on a ridiculously massive scale, without apparently, giving any consideration to the devastating affects to our quality of life, caused by their decisions.

For example, the closure of the playing field at Estover Road and the potential additional 1,600 cars in the area, causing more traffic jams at the railway barriers and in the town centre.

However, the council’s proposals affect all residents of March. I am surprised that I have not currently seen any evidence of viewpoints or actions from residents in the south of March.

It is easy to predict the chaos caused by building approximately 3,500 houses in this residential area in the south of March only.

These are the council’s minimum target figures. Imagine the 1,500 new houses, which are designated for the area between Gaul Road, Burrowmoor Road and Knights End Road.

The potential is for 3,000 extra cars using the roads within this small area and also in the town centre.

I am hoping residents of the south of March are aware of the council’s proposals and have responded to the Core Strategy document robustly and in a manner similar to the North East. This is the only way to retain and maintain the quality of life within Fenland, with its unique rural identity.