What is the real turbines cost?

WIND turbines and “rampaging profit” is the claim of Trevor Bevis (Citizen October 26) - how right his concerns are.

Turbines are a financial millstone around the neck of hard pressed families in the UK, including those millions in fuel poverty.

In 1999 Fenland Council embarked on a supposedly green venture that culminated in the decimation of rural Fenland.

The council supported the impact this heavy industry was having on Fenland landscapes and wildlife and informed residents thousands of homes would be powered by this green utopia.

The wind industry courted the public with promises of jobs, tourism, economic benefits and a cleaner, greener future.

Some folk ignored warnings of noise pollution, shadow flicker, ice cast off, bird and bat blade collision, habitat disturbance, impact on landscape and disruption to local communities by infighting.

Much of the cost of this is “hidden” in energy bills. A request under Freedom of Information reveals interesting details of further costs to the residents of Fenland, I requested details of all council expenditure on wind turbine developments in Fenland since 2000-2011.

It seems the council has no records for the first five years, however, from 2005-2011 total costs to council were £91,595,27p, not forgetting the five missing years, this figure could potentially be £180,000 - £200,000.

At time of writing I have been informed of three new proposals for wind turbines in Fenland,