Who said Wisbech doesn’t have a crime problem?

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LOOKING at the ‘Police.uk’ website, which gives crime figures for any town, street or postcode, the latest figures which are available are for January 2012.

It is surprising how both the volume and pattern of crime varies in different parts of the area. Wisbech had a total crime count as 360 in the month, with 137 for anti-social behaviour, 49 for violent crime and 36 instances of criminal damage.

The remainder of the crimes are detailed on the website. The figures for King’s Lynn are total crimes 341, and the others figures being 157 for anti-social behaviour, 44 for violent crime and 30 for criminal damage. The figures for Downham Market were a total of 46 with 22 for anti-social behaviour and three for violent crime and just one for criminal damage. March had a total of 143 with 51 for anti-social behaviour, 14 for violent crime and 17 cases of criminal damage.

So, who said Wisbech does not have a crime problem?


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