Wishes of the people should be paramount

THE Wisbech Branch of North East Cambs Constituency Labour Party is concerned about the future of Wisbech Market Place now it is under the control of the Tory dominated Wisbech Town Council.

The branch has never supported the plan for part-pedestrianisation and part through traffic and parking on half of the Market Place.

We consider this to be the worst option for the Market Place and the town.

Over the years a number of consultations have taken place and Wisbech people’s preference have been shown to be in favour of proper, controlled pedestrianisation, not a return to legal parking in the Market Place and a return of traffic to the town centre.

Councillors have a duty to take the wishes of the people who elected them into account and not ignore those wishes.

The branch is also concerned about the cost implications of the Town Council’s plans for the Market Place and remains unconvinced that they have made sufficient and properly planned provision for financing the implementation of their plan.

We call on the Town Council to publish fully the costing of their Market Place plans and the cost to the Wisbech people.

We further call on the Town Council not to ignore the wishes of Wisbech people and to conduct one final survey of people’s wishes for the future of the Market Place.

In addition to the Town Council plan, the survey should include at least one, if not more, options for properly controlled pedestrianisation.

The preferred option of that survey is the one the Town Council should then implement whatever that option is.

The wishes of Wisbech people should be paramount.

Ann Purt,