Would you like more choice of schools?

ANOTHER year begins - 2011. So let us make a resolution together to do something about the schools in Wisbech.

Nothing wrong at the moment? Of course not. Ms Strudwick and her staff at the Thomas Clarkson are doing their very best to “turn the ship round” and, by all accounts, they are making headway.

We wish them every success in the coming year. The Grammar School, too, goes from strength to strength with an impressive string of outstanding results and some really nice people doing really well.

Meadowgate and the Wisbech School deserve not only our congratulations but also our very best wishes for the coming year.

But, hang on, wouldn’t you like a little more choice?

Ready and waiting are the following: a CEO who knows all about teachers and headteachers and who is in touch with just the right people; an architect who will help us out with providing just the right premises; a small group of interested parents, and an experienced and energetic organisation which is only waiting to see if there is enough demand.

All over the country, there are hundreds of people who are planning a new school, so we are up against several other towns which are bidding for attention.

To get that, we need a couple of hundred signatures.

All you need to do is to sign up to show your interest.

Please visit our website: www.wisbechtradschool.info (nb .info!) or email fenland.school@gmail.com