Yes we do have pride

WITH reference to the letter ‘Litter Shame’ (Citizen August 15).

Oh dear, Mr Lawrie, you must have come to the Capital of the Fens on a bad day- although I know there are currently problems with the rubbish from the market.

In the five years since I arrived in Wisbech the streets have become considerably less litter strewn, in large measure a result of Fenland District Council responding to local concerns.

FDC are also brilliant at collecting dumped rubbish when notified.

We have our own branch of Street Pride and most of us, on coming across litter, either pick it up and put it in the nearest bin or, if there is some quantity, ring Street Pride or FDC to arrange to have it removed - not write griping letters to the newspaper.

We had not been notified of the large quantity of cigarette butts at the bottom of the steps and are most grateful to you for pointing this out so that we can get it cleared up.

The citizens of Wisbech do have enormous pride in their town and indeed it is a centre for international tourism - although steps and ladders do not feature (save when fruit picking) the important social history does, and helps to promote a central core of culture in Fenland.