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I recently got back from holiday in Cornwall and was reading the Citizen to catch up on the week’s activities in Fenland. I was excited, at first, to discover that we have a new leisure centre in Chatteris - at last! On closer inspection all is not quite what it seems. I would more accurately describe this by saying that there is a new gym at the Cromwell College in Chatteris. How can this be described as a new leisure centre? We are a typical family of two parents and two children and at the weekend we ‘typically’ end up going to St Ives (The Ivo) for a swim and to visit one of the several parks or do some shopping and maybe visit a pub garden in the summer.

Or sometimes a visit to Ramsey, Whittlesey or Huntingdon for a swim. But what are we supposed to do at Chatteris with this new leisure centre? It’s just a new gym. What Chatteris desperately needs is a proper leisure centre with a swimming pool, bowling, badminton courts and a cafe. The Kingfisher pool in Chatteris - with all due respect to those who work hard to support it - is out of date and only open to the public at specific times during weekdays. The problem with reporting that we have a new leisure centre in Chatteris is that we might not actually get what we need because people think we already have one.

Giles Richardson



The Wisbech Branch of RAFA would like to say a great big ‘thank you’ to local retailers for allowing us to conduct Wings Appeal collections on their premises - Morrisons, Co-op and Asda. Thanks also to Wisbech Town Council for allowing street collections and to the young people of the ATC and GVCAC for their willing assistance. But the biggest thank you goes to the people of Wisbech and surrounding areas for their support, such a generous bunch. Through your generosity we were able to raise almost £2,500. All proceeds from our collections are used to support and assist servicemen and women injured in conflict, their families and the bereaved partners and families of personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We also support ex-serving members, their families and indeed currently serving members and their families. The RAFA rely solely on the generosity of the people, with no funding at all from the government, so once again a heartfelt thank you.


Following a recent change of personnel behind the scenes, Chatteris Community Cinema want to thank all the previous volunteers, especially the founder members. They have been very supportive of the new team, in particular, the previous chairman and treasurer, Bill and Ruth Haggata. Without their help, support and experience it would have been a much more daunting task to start afresh. We hope the community will join the cinema volunteers in giving them a big thank you. We have big shoes to fill but we will do our best and try to continue their great work. The new team hopes that the community will continue to give the Community Cinema their support.

Film screenings are held the second Saturday of each month. Matinee at 3pm. Evening at 7.30pm. Ticket enquiries and reservations can be made via FaceBook or on 07759 049619.

Community Cinema


The Government are apparently planning to make it more difficult to claim if you are injured at work. Pause for thought - last year, 173 people were killed at work and 22,433 were injured and the majority of these were major injuries such as amputations, fractures and burns - statistics from the Health and Safety Executive.

Robert Harvey



On October 29 at the Tesco petrol station in Wisbech I missed my footing and fell over. Through your pages I would like to thank the staff and customers who came to my aid, particularly the young man who got me back on my feet.

I’m glad to report that no lasting damage was done, except perhaps to my pride.

Sandie Hattan



I was very saddened to read in the Citizen that Conservative Councillor Bruce Wegg had passed away. I can well remember spending a very enjoyable two hours with Bruce while doing ‘gate duty’ at the St Raphael polling station during the 2007 local elections. Among other things, we discussed Tony Blair’s mistaken support for the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. We also discussed Bruce’s love of music and his work as an organist at his church.

Bruce was a real gentleman and his death is a big loss to both Wisbech and Fenland.

John Smithee