Andrew tops battle of Kilbys

Ramsey AS winner Andrew Kilby
Ramsey AS winner Andrew Kilby

Winter league fishing has never been easy, those that have done can remember conditions really not suitable for dog walking, let alone sitting on a river bank.

And even last year some matches had to be called off because of the venues were frozen over. That could well be the case again this weekend as we head towards an exciting climax to the current East Midland Winter League finale this Sunday. Thankfully the practice match at the weekend fished well but may bare little resemblance to what will happen this coming Sunday should the match go ahead.

Factory Bank, just outside of Ramsey town centre, produced some cracking weights, with Whittlesey Dyke and Benwick all contributing to a fine winter match. Top spot went to Richie Reynolds, he put 14lb 11oz of roach to the scales, a net of small fish taken on the pole with pinkie. It was close at the top of the leader board, joint second was Liam Darler and Mick Dixon, both were at Ramsey, weighing in 14lb 10oz. Will Freeman was fourth on 13lb 12oz, the top weight from Whittlesey Dyke, followed by Rob Hewison on 11lb 15oz.

A quick call to your team captain later in the week could be a good idea to see what the position is with regard to the fixture, let’s hope for the best and we see the top four teams all fighting it out for a place in the Semi Finals.

Ramsey AS

The club were also on Factory Bank at the weekend and thanks to near perfect conditions saw weights reflect the fine fishing to be had when mother nature is kind to us. Out in front with a huge 20lb 4oz net of roach was Andrew Kilby, he caught well on the pinkie but topped the field thanks to a good run of better fish taken on hemp seed. Paul Kilby came second with 17lb 2 ½ oz followed by Keith Rayment with 12lb 5oz.

Spratt’s AC

The final match of the year took place on the Oak Pool at Decoy Lakes and with a vast array of prizes on offer competition for the top spot was fierce, but for the second year running it was John Smith that took the Fur and Feather honours with a net of carp going to the scales at 60lb 6oz. John fished meat and maggot on the long pole line, netting carp to 6lb. Pushing him all the way was Colin Varney, he had 57lb 12oz followed by Ken Shearing with 27lb 7oz.

There was a long list of prizes, special thanks to Peter Parlett for organising the day’s event.

The North Level Drain was in great form after the recent wet weather, in the Wednesday match John Young took pole position with 13lb 2oz of roach taken on pinkie. Mick Asker came second on 12lb 14oz, he caught well on the whip, followed by Don West with 12lb 6oz.

Sunday’s club match was even better, Barry Stacey bagged 13lb 13oz to edge ahead of the field, he caught skimmers and roach on the pole with red maggot over groundbait. Then came David Parlett with 13lb 7oz followed by Colin Burton with 11lb 7oz.

The club also ran an Angling Trust Pike Qualifier on Sunday which saw Chris Lonsdale scoop the main prize with a total of 35lb 7oz and he also had the best fish of the day weighing in at 12lb 2oz.

Townsend Lakes

The Woodpecker Pool was used for both the midweek and weekend opens, on Wednesday Colin Begbie topped with 23lb 7oz, all taken on the pole with pellet. Feeder tactics saw John Buckingham take second place with 16lb 12oz followed by Trevor Haycock on 14lb 8oz.

In the Sunday match Charlie Linn used a maggot feeder to finish first with 20lb 3oz. Colin Begbie came second on 14lb 3oz followed by Alan Owen with 13lb 13oz.